An herbalist is your coach, your cheerleader, your ally, your confidant, your teammate.

What’s a holistic herbalist?

A holistic herbalist is an herbalist who looks at the patterns in a person’s life – their symptoms, behavior, appearance, diet, lifestyle, psychological and social well-being – and what caused that pattern before deciding on a treatment. In contrast, allopathic medical practitioners (many mainstream doctors and some herbalists fall into this group) mostly focus on treating the symptoms of a disease.

Holistic herbalism is collaborative, a dialogue between client and herbalist. It honors a person’s intrinsic worth and complexity and finds an approach that meets their unique needs. Holistic herbalism seeks to empower the client to actively engage in their healing by identifying their goals and having direct access to the plants that can guide them there. By bringing different parts of a client’s life into balance, herbalism can bring enduring healing to the whole self.

Who should see an herbalist?

Herbalism can be helpful in a wide variety of scenarios. If you’re experiencing a chronic issue or something more acute, herbalism can alleviate both the symptom and the underlying issue. I’m happy to collaborate with other healing modality practitioners, including those in mainstream medicine, in order to help my client achieve their wellness goals.

Additionally, if you’re simply trying to be the healthiest person you can be, introducing plant medicine into your life can help your body and spirit become more resilient and adaptable. A lot of holistic herbalism is preventative medicine, addressing the source of symptoms before the condition creates an even deeper, more difficult issue.

My practice is client-centered and harm reduction and trauma informed. As a queer, nonbinary person, my goal is to help my client build a positive relationship with their bodies and to build a life that nurtures them.

How much does an appointment cost? Do you offer a sliding scale?

A 1.5-2 hour intake costs $60 and includes a 1 oz. tincture or bag of tea I blend especially for the client. I recommend that I follow up with the client again within a month for .5-1hours. A follow up is $30. Refills are with a follow-up are 2 oz and are free!

Health is for everyone. Healthcare is for everyone. I invite you to choose a price that you can afford. If you are struggling financially and would like to pay on a sliding scale, please reach out to me.

What’s it like to see a holistic herbalist?

During a typical intake, I’ll speak with a client for 1-2 hours to get a full understanding of their medical history, the nature of their primary complaint, and what herbs are the best fit. Plants are as complex as we are and the better understanding an herbalist has of a person, the better they can find the plant that’s uniquely suited to their patient’s needs. Following the intake, I mail the client a bag of tea or 4 oz. of tincture that is formulated just for them, as well as a summary of the intake and my recommendations. After about two weeks, I meet with the client again to discuss their experience with the herbs and how their symptoms are progressing.

Is an herbalist a licensed doctor or medical professional?

No. Though some herbalists are ALSO doctors, nurses, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, etc, an herbalism is not a licensed medical profession. The services performed by an herbalist, whether in person or by mail or phone, are at all times restricted to consultation on the subject of wellness and health assessment. These services are solely intended to provide the client with resources to use to promote their own health and well-being. An herbalist’s services do not involve diagnosing, treatment, or prescription of remedies for the treatment of disease. I can provide you with advice but my advice is not a replacement for medical care provided by a doctor or nurse practitioner.